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Valid metrics for pairwise_kernels

This function simply returns the valid pairwise distance metrics. It exists, however, to allow for a verbose description of the mapping for each of the valid strings.

The valid distance metrics, and the function they map to, are:
metric Function
‘additive_chi2’ sklearn.pairwise.additive_chi2_kernel
‘chi2’ sklearn.pairwise.chi2_kernel
‘linear’ sklearn.pairwise.linear_kernel
‘poly’ sklearn.pairwise.polynomial_kernel
‘polynomial’ sklearn.pairwise.polynomial_kernel
‘rbf’ sklearn.pairwise.rbf_kernel
‘laplacian’ sklearn.pairwise.laplacian_kernel
‘sigmoid’ sklearn.pairwise.sigmoid_kernel
‘cosine’ sklearn.pairwise.cosine_similarity

Read more in the User Guide.