Version 1.4.0

In Development

Legend for changelogs

  • Major Feature : something big that you couldn’t do before.

  • Feature : something that you couldn’t do before.

  • Efficiency : an existing feature now may not require as much computation or memory.

  • Enhancement : a miscellaneous minor improvement.

  • Fix : something that previously didn’t work as documentated – or according to reasonable expectations – should now work.

  • API Change : you will need to change your code to have the same effect in the future; or a feature will be removed in the future.

Changed models

The following estimators and functions, when fit with the same data and parameters, may produce different models from the previous version. This often occurs due to changes in the modelling logic (bug fixes or enhancements), or in random sampling procedures.

Changes impacting all modules

  • Enhancement All estimators now recognizes the column names from any dataframe that adopts the DataFrame Interchange Protocol. Dataframes that return a correct representation through np.asarray(df) is expected to work with our estimators and functions. #26464 by Thomas Fan.

Metadata Routing

The following models now support metadata routing in one or more or their methods. Refer to the Metadata Routing User Guide for more details.

Support for SciPy sparse arrays

Several estimators are now supporting SciPy sparse arrays. The following functions and classes are impacted:







  • API Change : kdtree and balltree values are now deprecated and are renamed as kd_tree and ball_tree respectively for the algorithm parameter of cluster.HDBSCAN ensuring consistency in naming convention. kdtree and balltree values will be removed in 1.6. #26744 by Shreesha Kumar Bhat.




  • Enhancement Solver "newton-cg" in LogisticRegression and LogisticRegressionCV uses a little less memory. The effect is proportional to the number of coefficients (n_features * n_classes). #27417 by Christian Lorentzen.







Code and Documentation Contributors

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the maintenance and improvement of the project since version 1.3, including:

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