sklearn.datasets.get_data_home(data_home=None) str[source]#

Return the path of the scikit-learn data directory.

This folder is used by some large dataset loaders to avoid downloading the data several times.

By default the data directory is set to a folder named ‘scikit_learn_data’ in the user home folder.

Alternatively, it can be set by the ‘SCIKIT_LEARN_DATA’ environment variable or programmatically by giving an explicit folder path. The ‘~’ symbol is expanded to the user home folder.

If the folder does not already exist, it is automatically created.

data_homestr or path-like, default=None

The path to scikit-learn data directory. If None, the default path is ~/scikit_learn_data.

data_home: str

The path to scikit-learn data directory.


>>> import os
>>> from sklearn.datasets import get_data_home
>>> data_home_path = get_data_home()
>>> os.path.exists(data_home_path)