sklearn.utils.metadata_routing.process_routing(_obj, _method, /, **kwargs)[source]

Validate and route input parameters.

This function is used inside a router’s method, e.g. fit, to validate the metadata and handle the routing.

Assuming this signature: fit(self, X, y, sample_weight=None, **fit_params), a call to this function would be: process_routing(self, sample_weight=sample_weight, **fit_params).

Note that if routing is not enabled and kwargs is empty, then it returns an empty routing where process_routing(...).ANYTHING.ANY_METHOD is always an empty dictionary.

New in version 1.3.


An object implementing get_metadata_routing. Typically a meta-estimator.


The name of the router’s method in which this function is called.


Metadata to be routed.


A Bunch of the form {"object_name": {"method_name": {prop: value}}} which can be used to pass the required metadata to corresponding methods or corresponding child objects. The object names are those defined in obj.get_metadata_routing().

Examples using sklearn.utils.metadata_routing.process_routing

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