class sklearn.utils.testing.mock_mldata_urlopen(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Object that mocks the urlopen function to fake requests to mldata.

When requesting a dataset with a name that is in mock_datasets, this object creates a fake dataset in a StringIO object and returns it. Otherwise, it raises an HTTPError.

Deprecated since version 0.20: Will be removed in version 0.22

mock_datasets : dict

A dictionary of {dataset_name: data_dict}, or {dataset_name: (data_dict, ordering). data_dict itself is a dictionary of {column_name: data_array}, and ordering is a list of column_names to determine the ordering in the data set (see fake_mldata for details).


__init__(*args, **kwargs)[source]

DEPRECATED: deprecated in version 0.20 to be removed in version 0.22