Train the model using libsvm (low-level method)


X : array-like, dtype=float64, size=[n_samples, n_features]

Y : array, dtype=float64, size=[n_samples]

target vector

svm_type : {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}, optional

Type of SVM: C_SVC, NuSVC, OneClassSVM, EpsilonSVR or NuSVR respectively. 0 by default.

kernel : {‘linear’, ‘rbf’, ‘poly’, ‘sigmoid’, ‘precomputed’}, optional

Kernel to use in the model: linear, polynomial, RBF, sigmoid or precomputed. ‘rbf’ by default.

degree : int32, optional

Degree of the polynomial kernel (only relevant if kernel is set to polynomial), 3 by default.

gamma : float64, optional

Gamma parameter in RBF kernel (only relevant if kernel is set to RBF). 0.1 by default.

coef0 : float64, optional

Independent parameter in poly/sigmoid kernel. 0 by default.

tol : float64, optional

Numeric stopping criterion (WRITEME). 1e-3 by default.

C : float64, optional

C parameter in C-Support Vector Classification. 1 by default.

nu : float64, optional

0.5 by default.

epsilon : double, optional

0.1 by default.

class_weight : array, dtype float64, shape (n_classes,), optional

np.empty(0) by default.

sample_weight : array, dtype float64, shape (n_samples,), optional

np.empty(0) by default.

shrinking : int, optional

1 by default.

probability : int, optional

0 by default.

cache_size : float64, optional

Cache size for gram matrix columns (in megabytes). 100 by default.

max_iter : int (-1 for no limit), optional.

Stop solver after this many iterations regardless of accuracy (XXX Currently there is no API to know whether this kicked in.) -1 by default.

random_seed : int, optional

Seed for the random number generator used for probability estimates. 0 by default.


support : array, shape=[n_support]

index of support vectors

support_vectors : array, shape=[n_support, n_features]

support vectors (equivalent to X[support]). Will return an empty array in the case of precomputed kernel.

n_class_SV : array

number of support vectors in each class.

sv_coef : array

coefficients of support vectors in decision function.

intercept : array

intercept in decision function

probA, probB : array

probability estimates, empty array for probability=False